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Friday, 30 March 2007
(Jan 2002)
Production Notes
My first proper Brick film! This was a big project for me, and in fact was procrastination from working on my Historical Fiction Entry. I had spent a lot of time thinking and researching Ned Kelly and then next thing I knew I was thinking... "What if Ned Kelly was around now... or in the future..."

These were the first seeds for NK2020. It is strongly influenced by Mad Max and the Sidney Nolan paintings of Ned Kelly (to be explored even further in the following Historical Fiction entry I made).

I felt that Black and White would be interesting to film in as it places things slightly out of the 'now' into flashback or a place not quite real... perfect for this film! I have storyboards for this one as well, and you can view them by clicking here. They were extremely helpful whilst working on my first big project.

I'm paticularly pleased with the chase sequences in this film, I still think they are great fun to watch. That sequence could not have occured without the help from my good friend Chris.

My favourite part is the helmet construction scene. Everything about the scene is excellent, I animated it well, timed sound effects perfectly and integrated music just the way I wanted. It hopefully portrays a very angry and vengeful minifig. :D

What I didn't realise is just how confused people would be when they saw this film. The whole 'Ned Kelly' thing, including the imagery, is very Australian, and without any background it was confusing to viewers from other countries. It was great to read comments about NK2020 after I'd released my Ned Kelly history film, it solved the mystery for some people.

Stop Motion Pro!

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro's
functional interface
and excellent built-
in tools (particularly
onion skinning) have
greatly improved the
quality of my
animations. A
project such as
'Good Company: Redux'
would not have been
possible without it.

-Nick Maniatis