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Ross Noble on JJJ 2008
Friday, 25 April 2008
Ross Noble was just on JJJ for 3 hours , this is what I made (audio recording, audio editing, animating, video editing, encoding, uploading) all while listening to the show:
Watch it on YouTube: Tin-Foil Hat.  
Well it was all a bit of a mad rush. I'm not as happy as I was with the previous two... I wasn't as prepared, but then again, I didn't have as much audio to work with as last time. It certainly kept me busy during the show!
Thanks to everyone on the show, Ross, Felicity, Xannon, Amelia and Luka! 
Previous Animations on youtube:
Ross and Terri Animation from 2005  : The Hunt for Nanna
Ross and Terri Animation from 2006 : Voodoo Pants!
Check out the old animation info page here:
Here is the official JJJ page for the Ross and Terri show in 2006 
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Stop Motion Pro!

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro's
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-Nick Maniatis