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Lost Films
Friday, 30 March 2007

Lost Films Revealed

Ok, so what do I mean by 'lost films'?

The films on this page are all of my muck-around early animations, plus what was going to be my very first brickfilm 'Attack of the Space Zombies'.

These films were all available on my old non-geocities website, but technical difficulties (a hosting server crash) wiped the page... and they've been 'lost' ever since.

And now they are all back for you to laugh yourself stupid over!!

All require DivX I think...


Stop Motion Pro!

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro's
functional interface
and excellent built-
in tools (particularly
onion skinning) have
greatly improved the
quality of my
animations. A
project such as
'Good Company: Redux'
would not have been
possible without it.

-Nick Maniatis